from “Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad”by Ann Petry

1 That first winter in St. Catharines was a terrible one. Canada was a strange frozen land, snow everywhere, ice everywhere, and a bone-biting cold the like of which none of them had ever experienced before. Harriet rented a small frame house in the town and set to work to make a home. The fugitives boarded with her. They worked in the forests, felling trees, and so did she. Sometimes she took other jobs, cooking or cleaning house for people in the town. She cheered on these newly arrived fugitives, working herself, finding work for them, finding food for them, praying for them, sometimes begging for them.

2 Often she found herself thinking of the beauty of Maryland, the mellowness of the soil, the richness of the plant life there. The climate itself made for an ease of living that could never be duplicated in this bleak, barren countryside.

Use the passage to answer the questions.
What is the implied main idea of the passage?
A. Harriet and the fugitives only survived because of the kindness of others.
B. Harriet worked hard to ensure the fugitives survived the harsh winter.
C. Harriet and the fugitives wished they could go back to Maryland.
D. Harriet would not have survived without encouragement from the fugitives.

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