H2SO4 solution containing 200.1g of H2S04 in 0.3500l of solution at 20 degree celcius has a density of 1.3294g/ml. find a,mass percent of H2SO4 b,molarity c,molality

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  1. mass percent= 200.1/(200.1+.350*1.3294)= ?

    Molarity= moles/volume=(200.1/98)/.350

    Molality= (200.1/98)/(.35*1.3294)

    You may want to calculate molecuar mass to 4 decimal places, and not use 98.

  2. Be careful:

    Molality=mole of solute/kg of solvent

    Molality= (200.1/98)/(.35*1.3294)

    They solution above will return moles of solute/ g of solvent

    Molality= (200.1/98)/[(.35*1.3294)*(1kg/1,000g)]=moles of solute/kg of solvent

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  3. Nevermind. He didn't change L to mL which would return the same answer as if he did so of the proper conversions. He skipped a step and did not explain why.

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