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Ms. Sue, please help! I'm doing a correction for one of my tests that I got a bad score on. I wrote my answer and I don't know if it sounds right. Can you help, and if it isn't right can you help me say it in another way? Thanks!

Here's the question:
What are the important geographic features of the Indian subcontinent? What is the climate like?

Here's what I said:
The climate of the Indian subcontinent is hot and dry. The important geographic features of the Indian subcontinent are the two mountains and the large river.

This is what the textbook said about the question:
The Indian subcontinent is made up of different kinds of geography. Two mountain ranges sit to the north and the Pacific Ocean lies to the south. The Deccan Plateau, a large, flat highland region, lies in the middle of the subcontinent. Large rivers flow out of the mountains and give life to the river valleys. The Indian subcontinent is an enormous place. It is 2,000 miles from top to bottom and incredibly diverse geographically.

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  1. Just paraphrase what the book says, being sure to name the mountains and rivers.

  2. Ok, thank you! You're a huge help, this is the last week of school for me and I need to do this last correction. People on the site are so mean to you, even though you're so helpful. Thanks for doing what you do!

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  3. You are very welcome. Their meaness doesn't bother me. They just want the answers and I'm actually doing them a favor by not giving the answer. Being honest is much more important than being popular.

  4. People aren't on this site for honest answers, they just came here for actual answers. None of us really care about being popular, a lot of us are just struggling and on a tight schedule and really need help. But all you do is tell us what we already know.

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  5. Ms.Sue we all appreciate your help and thank you very much for helping us :)

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