How serious a problem is population growth and control in the twenty-first century?

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  1. There are various opinions about this question since it involves predicting the future.

    What do YOU think?

  2. My opinion is :

    The world is already at about twice it's carrying capacity, according to most experts. The estimate is that the sustainable population of the planet is around 4 billion. (We are over 7 billion.) There are three major problems with this: Disease, poverty, food and water insecurity

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  3. That is very sketchy.

    I'd require that you provide some back-up data, including complete citations regarding these experts, for both of these:

    "according to most experts" (Who are they? What makes them experts?)
    "The estimate is that the sustainable population of the planet is around 4 billion." (Whose estimate? On what data is this estimate based?)


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