Social Studies

Which of the following statements best describes the Mississippians?

The Mississippians developed a complex culture and lived in large communities.

The Mississippians lived in the Northwest and hunted and gathered for survival.

The Mississippians developed a complex culture and lived in the Southwest.

The Mississippians were a nomadic tribe that lived in the Great Plains.

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  1. The one with a heart is my answer!

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  2. Oh, the answer would be A, so you are very much correct.

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  3. Tysm! If you don't mind I'm going to post a few more of my answers for you to check over! I just want to make sure I get a 100% on this test because it is the last test before the end of the course! :)

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  4. Ok :DD

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  5. A may be the answer your teacher is looking for -- but I lean more toward the answer in this site.
    Check your text.

  6. Based off what I saw on the site, I'd say the answer is A! As a few quotes from the site that may just prove A correct, "The construction of large, truncated earthwork pyramid mounds, or platform mounds. Such mounds were usually square, rectangular, or occasionally circular. Structures (domestic houses, temples, burial buildings, or other) were usually constructed atop such mounds." "The development of the chiefdom or complex chiefdom level of social complexity."

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  7. Also there was another quote from it talking about the large population!

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  8. Now that this has been concluded, may you please check over my recently posted?

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  9. Your quote doesn't support the "large communities" part of the question.

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