Which option accurately describes the significance of the scientific theories of Isaac Newton?

A. Newton’s theories helped scientists understand the significance of germs and sterilization.
B. Newton’s theories helped scientists understand the circulatory system and functions of the heart.
C. Newton’s theories helped future scientists understand the natural laws of how the universe works.
D. Newton’s theories helped scientists implement the scientific method to reduce research biases.

Is it D??

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  1. No.


  2. then is it c

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  3. Yes, c.

  4. thank you

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  5. You're welcome.

  6. How did the French and Indian War contribute to new taxation policies in the American colonies?

    A The American colonists sided with the British and agreed to pay higher taxes in order to help defeat the French army.

    b The French government imposed higher taxes on the American colonists in order to stockpile an artillery and defeat the British army.

    c. The British government attempted to force the American colonies to pay for the Seven Years’ War through taxation.

    d The outcome of the French and Indian War resulted in the British Parliament imposing fewer taxes on the American colonists.

    so is it d then

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  7. anyone got the answer?

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