Social Studies 7th Grade

Drag the phrase to the country it describes. Some answers may be used more than once.





home to nationalist movement led by Mohandas Gandhi

ruled by the French

ruled by the British

Religious riots broke out here during independence process.

Guerrilla fighters fought the French here for many years.

British tried to return to power after the Japanese left.

Colonists here took land belonging to the Kikuyu.

Nationalist army fought the British beginning in 1948.

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. @Ms. Sue
    Is it me or are there people all over Jishka today asking for answers to Connection Academy tests?

    As Ms. Sue said, get the answers from your textbook and it will be reviewed ._.

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  3. what the answer 😥😥😥😥

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  4. Mee too, Gabriella, me too

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  5. Really Mis. Sue you already pointed out an innocent student before and said they where cheating for posting a project they needed help with and now your willing to check this students work. That is really messed up I love what the other students said back their about you. one acted like your mom and another acted like you. Oh by the way just posted the question on google and go to the first site that pops up this is the second but just do it and you will see how mean you where. I also stood up for many of times and you still are doing the same thing you did nothing wrong here except for allowing this student to talk and not the other one. Try being a little nicer it will go a long way. The thing is you probably are not going to see this but its worth a shot seeing how your the first one to respond to every ones question. I know your just trying to help but this is not the way.

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  6. there*

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