math 111

In an examination 31 student passed chemistry 29 pass physics and 3 fail both. If 50 people sat for the exam, how many of them pass chem only

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  1. This can be easily solved with a Venn diagram.

    Draw a rectangle to describe the total number of people.
    Inside draw 2 intersecting circles and label them C and P
    Enter x in the intersection of the two circles
    In the C circle enter 31-x in the "chemistry only " part
    In the P circle enter 29-x in the "physics only" part
    Enter 3 outside the circles but inside the rectangle, now solve
    31-x + x + 29-x + 3 = 50

    then evaluate 31-x

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  2. x=13
    then 31-(x)13=18

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