can someone please check my answers
1.what is the best way to figure out a poem's theme?
a.look for a line in which the poet states the theme directly.
b.infer the theme from details,images,and symbols.
c.analyze the rhyme scheme and meter of the poem.
d.use the poet's biography as a clue.
i chose b am i correct ?
2.which of the following comparisons does blake make use to develop the theme of ''a poison tree''?
a.evil is compared to a snake.
b.the results of evil are compared to a poison apple.
c. london is compared to biblical england.
d. rage is compared to a howling wind.
i chose b am i correct?
3.which of the following statements is the best example of dramatic irony?
a.''a little black thing in times of woe crying 'weep,'weep,in notes of woe''.
b.''though all the morning was cold,tom was happy and warm;so,if all do their duty they need not fear harm.''
c.''i was angry with my friend;i told my anger and my wrath did end.
d.''tyger,tyger burning bright,in the forests of the night.''
i chose c am i correct?
4.what do all different types of irony have in common ?
a.they all use witty language.
b.they rely on the character's ignorance about the situation.
c.this is some degree of discrepancy between expectation and reality.
d.they all utilize language that is sarcastic or nasty.
i chose c am i correct?
5.which of the following phrases uses synesthesia?
a.''coled a long age in deep-delved earth...''
b.''of beechen green,and shadows numberless...''
c.''here,where men sit and hear each other groan...''
d.''and leaden-eyed despairs ...''
i chose b am i correct?
6.for the romantic poets,nature is
a.a force that acts on the human mind.
b. a constant source of pleasure.
c.a menacing and hostile presence in their lives.
d.a force that humans cannot control.
i chose a am i correct?
7.which of the following lines from the poem ''lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey'' is not strict blank verse ?
a.''and passing even into my purer mind,...''
b.''the landscape with the quiet of the sky.''
c.''five years past;five summers with the length,...''
d.''the day is come when i again repose,...''
i chose c am i correct?
8.which of the following sentences is the best example of personification?
b,''glittering in the smokeless air...''
c.''ne'er saw i,felt,a calm so deep.''
d.''the river glideth at its own sweet will...''
i chose d am i correct?
in''the world is too much with us,'' wordsworth uses allusion to emphasize the speaker's connection to?
a.the material world.
b.the sea.
c.ancient civilizations.
d. christianity
i chose b am i correct?
10.in ''ase'er beneath a waning moon was haunted /by women wailing for her demon lover.in what words does alliteration appear?
i chose d am i correct?
11.which of the following contains assonance?
a.''a little distance from the prow...''
b.''sweetly,sweetly,blew the breeze-''
c.''the cold sweat melted from their limbs?''
d.''and soon i heard a roaring wind;''
i chose b am i correct?
12.which of the following influences of the romantic period are apparent in frankenstein?
a.the monster as a romantic hero who is rejected from society.
b.allusions to the rime of the ancient mariner and other romantic works.
c.an example of human natures's conflict with experience.
d.all of the above.
i chose d am i correct?
13.what role does nature play in frankenstein?
a.it seems to react to victor's feelings and thoughts.
b.it seems to cause problems for victor.
c.it is an essential part of victor's ability to create life.
d.both a and c.
i chose a am i correct?
14. frankenstein allows three distinct storylines that are woven together.they are?
a.the stories of henry clerval,victor frankenstein,and the monster.
b.the stories of the monster,elizabeth frankenstein,and the university.
c.the stories of robert walton,the monster,and victor frankenstein.
d.the stories of robert walton,henry clerval,and victor frankenstein.
i chose c am i correct?

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