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which of the following best exemplifies how the battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the civil war for the Union?

A:The confederacy did not launch another invasion of the North after the battle
B:General Lee's loss at Gettysburg led to his being removed from command
C:General Lee's army regrouped and began planning attacks on Washington D.C.
D:the confederacy lost control of the Mississippi River because of the defeat


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  2. What is the answer???

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  3. The answers c

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  4. from the articles I've read the answer seems to be A. I will check back once I finish my test though and say what it is

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  5. mine was A and I'm super tired so I can't remember why but if you need it it's A on the test

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  6. damn. 2020 here 😳

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  7. ^yes sirrr

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  8. After the Pickket Charge by the Confederacy failed and they sufffered heavy losses, They decide never to go into Northern Territory again. The answer is A.

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