What happens to the neutrons produced in a fission reaction?
Select all that apply.

They combine to form a new element.
They are converted from mass into energy.
They can initiate other fission reactions.
They can be absorbed by control rods.

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    Look particularly at that first diagram on the right.

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  2. so the third one?

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  3. When the reactor goes "critical" the neutrons cause more and more atoms to disintegrate. In other words those neutrons initiate more and more fissions that create more and more neutrons. If it runs out of control, boom.

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  4. so the last of the four is also important.

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  5. so I would pick 3 and 4

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  6. oh i picked two and three

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  7. Energy is given off all right but not as neutrons

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  8. The control rods can be inserted to absorb some neutrons and avoid the situation running out of control.

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  9. You want just enough neutrons to keep the reactor going ("critical"), but more and you are building a bomb (in the limit). That is called "supercritical")

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  11. thanks

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