social studies

how did the defeat of the aztec and inca empires enrich the spanish monarchy?
a. Spain began to levy heavy taxes on its American colonists
b. Spain sold its land in the americas to other European countries
c. The monarchy received a portion of all its treasures taken by the conquistadors.******
d. Spain took control of the space trade between Africa and americas

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  1. I agree.

  2. thanks could you help with one more

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  3. what role did Vasco da Gama play in the growth of a Portuguese empire?
    a. He claimed the east coast of South America for Portugal
    b. He led the first European expedition to reach India by sea*****
    c. He established the line of demarcation
    d. He was the first to suggest the use of captured Africans as slave labor

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  4. Yes, b.

  5. NO CHEATING ALLOWED, and Ms.SUE, every time yo tell people an answer...

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  6. C

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