social studies

describe the purpose,outcome, and effects of the reconquista. plz its worth alot

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  1. "Describe" means you need to write an essay, which no one here will do for you.

    HOWEVER, if you research your topic well, take very good notes, organize your ideas in an outline, and then start writing, you should do fine.

  2. just say the answer plz

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  3. plz help me

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  4. Please just help us

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  5. its not an essay its more like a paragraph

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  6. I used to come on here and see multiple answers... now theres not a single one? :C

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  7. Jiskhas isen't the same

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  8. Reconquista's purpose: to free Spain from Muslims rule.

    Reconquista's outcome: Isabela and Castile, the ones who financed most of the war, were favored and had Granada under their total influence.  

    Reconquista's effects: Many Jews died or fled. Only Christians were allowed to stay.

    Restate all of these and boom answer 👍👍

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  9. Thanks @I hate people

    ur name is relatable btw lmao.

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