3. Flood water pounding against a canyon wall and wearing it down is an example of *
A Erosion
B Deposition***
C Flood plain
D Weathering
Many Processes on earth occur at or near tectonic plate boundaries. Which geological events are most common along tectonic plate boundries?
A. erosion and deposition***
B. hurricanes and tornadoes
C. earthquakes and volcanoes
D. tidal waves and sedimentation

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  1. Both wrong. Stop guessing.

  2. Any way you can help me with them? I am not guessing,as you say.

  3. umm boobpurselady maybe he wasn't guessing. Sorry your wife doesn't want you anymore but.. he did absolutely nothing wrong.. he just wanted help. I never want to be "mean" or "disrespectful" on this website but like wtf is wrong with you..

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  4. 4 is c

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