Which of the following types of waste should not be recycled at home?
A. expired medicines
B. glass bottles
C. papers
D. plastic bags

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  1. Which do you think would be most dangerous to people or animals? What if a young child or a pet got into the pain killer pills? Around here pharmacies have collection boxes for unused presciptions.

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  2. the answers are

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  3. ^^^^^^^ He is correct, I think.

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  4. @The glitch bish is 100% thanks :0

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  5. thank you so much glish bish

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  6. wow @KpopIsAwful why do you hate kpop?!?!

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  7. hm,

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  8. thanks glish bish 100% correct

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  9. The glich bish is 100% right I checked!

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  10. hi

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  11. Glish bish is 100% for Connexus science grade 8 :)

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