Social studies

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How are the governments of jordan and kuwait different from the governments of the united Arab Emirates and oman?
A. Citizens of jordan and kuwait can vote.
B. Jordan and kuwait have monarchs****
C. The king of jordan and emir of kuwait have more power.
D. Women cannot run for office on jordan or kuwait.

2. Arrange the events in correct chronological order. Place the earliest event at the top and the latest event at the bottom.

Israel withdraws from gaza.
Israel and the plo sign the Oslo accords.
Israel takes control of West bank and gaza.
Hams takes control role of Gaza.

3. Which terrorist group has been a major force in the conflicts in iraq, syria, and yemen.
A. The Taliban
B. Hamas****
C. The Islamic state, or isis
D. Al-qaeda

4. What happened in Iraq most immediately after saddam hussein was removed from power?
A. The new government used chemical weapons against civilians.
B. Isis declared the formation of the Islamic state.
C. Iraq refugees fled to neighboring countries.
D. Civil War broke out between different ethnic and religious groups.*****

5. Drag and drop the economic characteristics of turkey to complete the sentence. Compared to other southwest asia nations, turkeys economy...
A. Is more diverse than the oil dependent economies prevalant in southwest asia,
B. Is less diverse than economy of Saudi Arabia.****
C. Offers few incentives for people to work outside of the oil industry.
D. Is controlled entirely by the government.

6. Drag and drop the factors that contributed to yemen becoming a failed state to the box.
A. The rebel group, houthis, took control of much of yemen.
B. The president of yemen agreed to allow turkey to control the country.
C. The united states forcibly removed the president of yemen form the offic.
D. Isis took control of parts of yemen.
Factors that contributed to yemen becoming a failed state

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  1. You'll need to check your text for these answers. I doubt any of our tutors will be able to tell without having to Google every question.

  2. You are supposed to help us!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. What did you get on the test ?

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  4. Thanks Mrs.Sue you really helped on this one, man thank you sooooo much you should be offed an award for best help of the year!

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  5. wow no help thx

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  6. dont worry kids ill help you ill google the awnsers

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  7. teacher in training lmao

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  8. Please tell us all of the right answers.

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  9. I would love to help you, but Imao and love to watch ask for help Any way will help on the 15 k

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  10. I mean Decemder.25.2019

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  11. the answers for Conflicts in Southwest Asia Quiz are.
    2. israel takes, isreal and the PLO,israel withdraws, hamas takes control
    4.D more diverse than the oil
    6.the rebel group, ISIS took control
    7. sunni and shia, sunni muslims, shia muslims

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  12. @g walkin on yo coffin is right! i got 100 percent ty!!!

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  17. @g walkin on yo coffin he is 100% right i just got 100% omg thank you i love smart ppl in the world and myself of course

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