Social studies

Please help!!! Can someone check my answers?
1. Why did peter the great visit Western Europe?
A. To get ideas for modernizing Russia
B. To make plans for an invasion of Europe
C. To form alliances with western powers(my answer)
D. To establish trading ties with other nations

2. Which reform did both Maria Theresa of Austria and Frederick II of Persia make?
A. Allowing freedom of speech
B. Allowing freedom of religion(my answer)
C. Establishing public schools
D. Ending serfdom

3. Peter the great and Catherine the great fought wars to expand Russian territory and gain access to
A. Fertile lands
B. Mineral rights
C. Bodies of water
D. Muslim lands
I’m not really sure about the last question though! I need help, I’m not the best at social studies!!

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  2. wow that was very helpful Arabella. -_-

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