3. Muscles located in the walls of the small intestine help push digested material along. Muscles located in the arteries help push blood along. Based on this information and your understanding of muscle types, which of the following statements is correct?

a. Both sets of muscles are involuntary and smooth.
b. Both sets of muscles are voluntary and smooth.
c. Both sets of muscles are smooth, although one set is voluntary, and the other set is involuntary.
d. Both sets of muscles are voluntary, although one set is striated and the other set is smooth.

4. Which of the following sets of words best fills in the blanks in the following sentence?

Despite their ______ structure, human bones are surprisingly ______ .

a. hollow; strong
b. solid; lightweight
c. compact; flexible
d. spongy; fragile

Please help!!! ASAP

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  1. Do you have answers you wish to check? Or questions about these?

  2. Nope. Thanks tho

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