SS - Repost for Jax

I reposted this question because it was posted at the end of another student's question.

1.) what does vinicius life reveal about economic cultural and geographic divisions in brazil

2.) what opportunities exist for young people to build better lives for themselves and their families

3.) what challenges might people from poorer regions face what about poor people in the nations cities such as rio de janeiro and brazil

This is a discussion so it is open response and I am from connexus, any help would be appreciated. I need it Quick!!!

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  1. 1. You didn't indicate what YOU THINK about these.

    2. We don't care what school you attend.

    3. We also don't care if you're in a hurry! The terms ASAP and urgent and "Quick!!!" mean nothing to us.

    Provide us with YOUR THOUGHTS, and someone might respond.

  2. BooMmmm boom boooommmm let me hear ya say ya yo

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  3. This is an assignment. Please delete the post. Thanks!

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  4. ya yo

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