Social Studies

How did Augustus change the government of Rome?

He took away most powers of the Senate.

He made the Senate more powerful.

He respected the traditions of the republic.

He allowed the citizens to hold the power.

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  1. I think its B or C.

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  2. aka Writeacher —

    Go back and read and reread your text. Augustus was the Roman emperor after Julius Caesar. You should also look up the definition of ‘emperor.’

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  3. =-= BOI get out of here with that crap aka I am a girl not a boy and its B =-= yw!

  4. The answer is : A

  5. If your from connectioi, read the end of the republic

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  6. hahaha so umm I need help with this 19 question quizz.... soooo will someone put the answers? (the roman republic test)

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  7. none of you are helping

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  9. @Eliana thank you so much for helping us! and instead of giving us the answer you're being smart and making us use our brain! clearly we should take responsibility from Eliana. I'm done using this cheating site!

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  10. lol 2 yrs and nobody has responded to idk 🤣

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