explain why the capitalist system developed in europe?

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  2. Why a link just at least help us without a link..

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  3. now name you dont need to be rude there is no problem with leaving a link besides she is a teacher she cant just lieavethe answers so appolegise to ms.sue

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  4. Im afraid it did not help me

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  5. stormfur them links never help. so be quit

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  6. Ik i may get a lot of dislikes, but the link she gave us actually help me.

    R.I.P Ms. Sue, Rest in peace.

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  7. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade and plantation wealth were some causes of growth of the capitalism in Europe.
    If you need more just ask! (also click on my name [KLOP] for more answers) I will be posting on 7th grade to soon.

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  8. P.S. try to reword my writing

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