Drag and drop to classify each country to its type of government.




United Arab Emirates


constitutional monarchies=

absolute monarchies=

Which country matches to which type of government?

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  1. Someone here will be happy to check what YOU THINK if you let us know.

  2. absolute monarchies=Oman United Arab Emirates Kuwait
    constitutional monarchies= Jordan Qatar

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  3. Constitutional Monarchies = Jordan Kuwait

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  4. Jeremy is right for A. Monarchies and Anonymouse is right for C.Monarchies

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  5. i made a 86 thanks people.

    not being saracastic

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  6. 1d
    4lraq Saddam H. Syria Basha Al Asad
    Turkey erdogan.
    5 constitutional monarchy Jordan, Kuwait. Absolutely monarchy Qatar United.....

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  7. Mimi is 100% correct

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  8. THANK YOU MIMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEEDED 100 PERCENT AND I GOT IT BECAUSE IF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Mimi is correct y'all! I got a 100%! Thank you Mimi!

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  10. Im trusting you mimi

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  11. also (Read in berry bensons voice)

    Ya like jazz?

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  12. thanks mimi i got it right

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