Michael has $1,000.71 in his checking account. He is going to spend $482.41 on a new television, and he will spend the rest on speakers that cost $46.00 each. Which of the following inequalities would determine the maximum number of speakers, x, Michael can buy without spending more money than he has in his account?

$46.00x + $482.41 < $1,000.71
$1,000.71 < $46.00x + $1,000.71
$482.41 + $46.00 + x < $1,000.71
$1,000.71 + $482.41 > $46.00 + x

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  1. well, x speakers cost $46x, right?
    and the sum of it all has to be less than $1000.71, right?
    so, ...

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  2. $46.00 each means you have to multiply by the number of speakers to get the total cost

    the cost of the tv plus the speakers has to be less than his account balance

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