2. Read the following sentences from "The Balek Scales."

When the Baleks von Bilgan went to High Mass on New Year's Day, their new coat of arms - a giant crouching under a fir tree - they saw the hard, pale faces of the people all staring at them. They had expected garlands in the village, a song in their honor, cheers and hurrahs, but the village was completely deserted as they drove through it, and in church the pale faces of the people were turned toward them, mute and hostile, and when the priest mounted the pulpit to deliver his New Year's sermon he sensed the chill in those otherwise quiet and peaceful faces, and he stumbled painfully through his sermon and went back to the altar drenched in sweat.

In these sentences, the priest is most likely "drenched in sweat" because he (1 point)

has grown feverish due to the unhealthy conditions.
is nervous about the tension coming from the townspeople. ***
is worried that the Baleks will think he has turned against them.
feels uneasy about the relevance of the sermon he has delivered.

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  1. I agree.

  2. is nervous about the tension coming from the townspeople. ***

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