2. What was the main purpose of the encomienda system? (1 point)
to provide Native Americans with land
to establish sugar plantations***
to define the status of Native Americans
to teach Christianity
3. Why didn't Caribbean economies become self-sufficient after independence? (1 point)
The United States took over the former British colonies in the Caribbean.
After independence, economies depended on foreign investments.***
Fidel Castro sold Cuban industries to American companies.
Caribbean countries did not want to invest in the region's economies.
4. Why are the Maya considered a "great civilization"? (1 point)
They developed canoes to move among the islands.
They had superior knowledge of astronomy and engineering.***
The city-states had no need to communicate with each other.
They abandoned religion in favor of science.
5. Why didn't independence improve the lives of many in the Caribbean and Central America? (1 point)
Monarchies seized control of colonies.
The Maya rebuilt their civilization, creating a new dynasty.
Foreign trade decreased significantly.***
Wealthy landowners gained control over national resources.

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  1. I agree with your answers. But -- be sure to check your text.

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    Ms. Sue

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