Which one or ones of the following statements is/are true?
I. If the line y=2 is a horizontal asymptote of y= f(x), then is not defined at y=2.

II. If f(5)>0 and f(6)<0, then there exists a number c between 5 and 6 such that f(c)=0.

III. If f is continuous at 2 and f(2)=8 and f(4)=3, then lim x→2 f(4x^2-14)=8.

a) All statements are true
b) I only
c) II only
d) III only

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  1. 1. It never really gets there
    2. what if it is discontinuous or not even defined between x = 5 and x = 6 ?
    3. f(16-14) = f(2) = 8 sure enough

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