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Please Help Me
1. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments were all important additions to the Constitution because they
A. repealed previous amendments
B. granted more freedom to women.
C. addressed issues that contributed to the Civil War.
D. were passed over the objection of the majority of the states.

2.The Union blockade during the Civil War
A. led to an alliance between the Confederacy and Great Britain.
B. caused inflation and shortages in the South, especially for manufactured goods.
C. really had no effect on the South, since they were already agriculturally self-sufficient.
D. hurt the North most since they relied heavily on Southern cotton and agriculture for its own manufacturing base.

I can't type all of these questions but there are 40 questions and I need help. Please help me!! Anyone

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  1. It will help if you post each question separately using the "Ask a New Question" link, NOT by posting the questions as responses. Also, please show your work and thoughts for any questions that you post. We're glad to help, but we're not here to just provide answers. Thanks!

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  2. For heaven's sake look those amendments up online! What do YOU think the blockade did to the economy in the Confederate states?

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