Social Studies

Which of the following best describes the economies of the northern and southern states during the 1800s?
(Northern states depended on manufacturing, and southern states depended on agriculture.
(Northern states depended on industry, and southern states depended on importing goods.***my answer
(Northern states depended on cotton planters, and southern states depended on slave labor.
(Northern states depended on transportation, and southern states depended on textiles.

During the election of 1824, many South Carolinians were concerned by
(the Monroe Doctrine.***my answer
(the national party conventions.
(the ongoing decrease in cotton prices.
(the end of slavery in the Northwest Territory.

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  1. Both answers are wrong. Check your text.

  2. I-

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  3. i'll try to help
    the first one listed here i believe is a.

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  4. 1: D
    2: A
    3: C
    4: C
    I am from connections Academy I'm in 8th grade so this is unit 5 lesson 7

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