A woman at a point A on the shore of a circular lake with radius 2 mi wants to arrive at the point C diametrically opposite A on the other side of the lake. She can bicycle at the rate of 6 mi/h and row a boat at 3 mi/h. What is the shortest amount of time she can travel to point C?

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  1. Take a look here:

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  2. Boat: V * t = 4 mi.
    t = 4/V = 4/3 = 1.33 h.

    Bicycle: The distance is 1/2 circle.
    d = pi * 2r/2 = pi * r = 3.14 * 2 = 6.28 mi.
    V * t = 6.28.
    t = 6.28/V = 6.28/6 = 1.05 h. = Shortest time.

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