language arts

(excerpt from "the treasure of Lemon Brown" by Walter Dean Myers)

"I used to have a knotty-headed boy just like you." Lemon Brown had half walked, half shuffled back to the corner and sat down against the wall. "had them big eyes like you got, I used to call them moon eyes. Look into them moon eyes and see anything you want."

Which details from paragraph 15 support the answer to the previous question?
A. Lemon Brown walks away from Greg and sits against the wall.
B. Lemon Brown calls Greg "knotty-headed".
C. Lemon Brown remembers his son affectionately.***
D. Lemon Brown expresses his love for the moon.

My answer is C, can someone tell me if i'm right?

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asked by haunted
  1. But what was the previous question??

  2. the previous question was, which of the following words could be used to describe Lemon Brown based on what he says in paragraph 15?
    My answer was A. Sentimental

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    posted by haunted
  3. I submitted paragraph 15 in my first post

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    posted by haunted

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