Why was the empresario system important to the Mexican government?

The Mexican government desired an alliance and offered Texas as an incentive to win the compliance of the United States.
The Mexican government did not have the resources to manage Texas, but wished to cede the unused territory to the United States.
The Mexican government hoped to settle the unused territory of Texas legally to discourage Americans from taking the land.
The Mexican government wanted to collect taxes on the land in the Texas Territory and could only do so if the area was settled.

I think its either a or c

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  1. Which is it?

    EMPRESARIO SYSTEM. After Mexican independence in 1821, the Mexican government contracted "empresarios" or land agents to aid the settlement of Texas. Each empresario agreed to settle a specific number of Catholic families on a defined land grant within six years.
    Empresario System | Encyclopedia.com

  2. hmmm i think it is C?

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  3. Yes, C.

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