Social studies

Many of the achievements of the ancient indus valley civilization was due to their advanced knowledge of ____.
A. Farming.
B. Mathematics
C. Weather patterns
D. Geography*****

What physical feature separates the subcontinent of India from the rest of Asia?
A. Indian Ocean
B. Bay of Bengal
C. Deccan plateau
D. Himalayas*****

What caused the Indus valley civilization to disappear?
A. Heavy flooding
B. Drought
C. Foreign invaders
D. No known cause*****

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  1. Can anyone help me by telling me if my answers are right
    I'm not too sure I just want a second opinion

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  2. The second two are correct.
    I am not sure about the first. I would have guessed farming
    but they did occupy a great geographical position on the river
    and close to the Indian Ocean.

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  3. Thank you so much Damon

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  4. You are welcome.

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  5. the first one is mathematics

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  6. 1:B

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  7. It is B D D. I have the answer is correct

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  8. Thanks @I have the answer got 100%

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  9. 1.b
    50k voter plz if you got a 100%

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  10. thanks shariah got 100%

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  11. B

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