Colliding air masses can form a weather front. Which of the following is not a type of front: *
2 points
A Stationary Front
B Storm Front
C Cold Front
D Occluded Front

When a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses, what is this type of front called? *
2 points
A Stationary Front
B Storm Front
C Cold Front**
D Occluded Front

Thunderstorms are more common in some areas than in others. The map shows the average number of thunderstorms per year in different parts of the United States. *
A The state of Florida is smaller than the state of California.
B The air in Florida is more stable than the air in California.**
C The air above Florida holds less moisture than the air above California.
D The ocean currents near Florida are warmer than the ocean currents
near California.

In 2011, Typhoon Nesat struck the Philippines and caused widespread flooding. After hitting the Philippines, Typhoon Nesat was predicted to hit the large city of Hanoi, Vietnam. *
2 points
Captionless Image
A The formation of a low-pressure area south of Bangkok
B The formation of a high-pressure area south of Bangkok*
C Cool water moving into the sea east of Hanoi
D Warm water moving into the sea east of Hanoi

7. The weather map shows the weather conditions for one day across the United States. *
2 points
Captionless Image
A Denver, because it is raining there
B Minneapolis, because a cold front is approaching
C Atlanta, because a warm front is approaching**
D Houston, because it is in a high-pressure area

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