Is Connexus Self-Paced?

I apologize if my question is unnecessary and unwanted here, but I was kinda scared to ask anyone at Connections.

I’m asking if Connections is Self-paced during 8th grade because I’m behind on two projects that I’m extremely stressed over. But I can’t find the right time to get them done, and while there are times I could work on them, I don’t because it interrupts the time I spend with my family (which I rarely get to do).

I’m in 8th grade, as I stated earlier, I was hoping if any fellow students or even teachers could answer this question for me. I’m really nervous, and stressed out over it all.

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  1. I’d also like to note I have been digging through Connexus looking for an answer to my Connexus for the past hour and it is midnight.

    When I say self-paced I’m generally asking “Will I get docked points for having assignments not turned in on the day they are given (and said to end)?”

    I saw something about high schoolers saying it was self-paced for them, but I can’t be sure, really. And it could also be different for eighth grade.

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  2. Ugh. Typos…

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  3. Honestly, I would have your parents get into this. This is something they should pursue, not you. If the answer is no, they have you in the wrong school, and that is their responsibility to correct, whether or not they want it. Parenting is hard work.
    Now stress: Discuss this with your parents also. Sometimes a competent medical doctor can help...not often...but sometimes. Situational stress is a very common issue in we humans.
    Good luck.

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  4. Yes, don't worry you can even ask your teacher or principal

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  5. Thanks to both of you, your answers helped a lot, and honestly helped comfort me a bit more on the situation.

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  6. Yeah, just get it out your hair!!!🙆‍♀️

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  7. Hi,
    You will get a temporary zero but once you turn the assignments in you will get full credit. hope this helps ANYONE who needed to know!

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  8. I am also in the same site and grade dont worry you will be fine.

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