Lesson 6, Unit 4:
Converse of Pythagorean Theorem Practice Answers

1. Which set of numbers represents a Pythagorean triple?
D. 27,36,45

2. Of the lengths of the legs in I right triangle are 7 and 8, what is the approximate length of the hypotenuse?
D. 10.6

3. Matt is repairing a gate and needs to nail a brace diagonally to strengthen the posts. If the height of the post is 48 inches and there is 64 inches between posts, in inches, what should the length of the diagonal brace be in order to fit between the posts?
A. 80

4. Bashir works in a weather station has launched a weather balloon. The height of the balloon is 4 kilometers and it is 1 kilometers from the station. In kilometers, what is the approximate distance between the station and the balloon?
C. 4.1

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  1. thank chu

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