There are eight markers in a full set, but Flora and Frank each only have seven markers.Flora is missing the red marker, and Frank is missing the blue marker.What can they do so that each has a full set of markers? *
steal the ones they need
share with each other
buy new ones
The outermost electrons in each atom are called valence electrons. How many valence electrons does one fluorine atom have? *
For Fluorine, Drag an electron from the left atom to the right atom. Click Play. Then, drag an electron from the right atom to the left, and then click Play. What happens now? *
Both Flourine atoms still have only 7 electrons in the outer shell. Since you simply switched sides for the electrons you moved, nothing changed.
Both of the electrons moved are together on a shared orbit that is rotating between the two atoms. This gave both atoms a total of 8 electrons in the outer shell.
Each hydrogen atom has one valence electron, but EACH atom needs two electrons to be stable. How can both hydrogen atoms each achieve a stable configuration? What did you do on the Gizmo to make sure this was correct? *
Drag one electron from the left H atom to the right H atom, which gave one atom 2 electrons
Drag one electron from the right H atom to the left H atom, which gave both atoms 2 electrons
Drag one electron from the right H atom to the left H atom, and drag the other electron from the left H atom to the right H atom, putting both atoms on the same shared orbit.
What type of bond did the 2 hydrogen atoms form? And why? *
Covalent bond, because they both shared the electron they had started with
Ionic bond, because one atom had to give away one of it's electrons
Molecular, because only one molecule was formed
What type of molecule is Hydrogen? *
Drag electrons back and forth until the molecule of oxygen (O2) is stable. Click Check to confirm your molecule is stable. How many pairs of shared electrons are there in a stable molecule of oxygen? *
2 pairs
4 pairs
2 electrons

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