Place an "A" if the statement is psychology as an applied science and "B" if the statement is psychology as a basic science.

1. Soothing music as heard in a dentists office. "A"
2. Research done on drives and motives of college students. "B"
3. Behaviorally designed architecture incorporating form, function, and color. "A"
4. The clinical study of people with emotional problems. "B"
5. Development of improved methods for diagnosing and treating emotional disorders. "A"
6. A seminar with community leaders to resolve conflicts between two social groups. "A"
7. Research, using rats, to see how rewards affect learning. "B"
8. Learning various theories of psychology as part of an introductory psychology course. "B"
9. Acting as a consultant with law enforcement officials to develop a personality profile of a serial killer. "A"
10. Placing certain products in a specific location in a supermarket to induce people to purchase that product. "A"

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