social studies

what are all the answers to lesson 4 unit 4 in connexus? I am stuck on this question after an excerpt-
According to the excerpt, who had more power under the Articles of Confederation?
1) it gave a majority of the power to the national government, and limited the power of individual states
2)it gave a majority of the power to the individual states, and limited the power of the national government
3)it gave a majority of the power to the British monarchy, and limited the power of the national government
4)it gave a majority of the power to the Congress, and limited power for individual states.

if you have all 12 answers for the assessment please help

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  1. You and others give Connexus a bad name by trying to cheat. Not only do you violate your school's code of ethics, but you snub Jiskha's policy of no cheating. If you're dishonest and turn your back on education now, what are you going to be like later?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Look for why the Articles of Confederation were replaced by the Constitution.

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  3. becca you dishonor the honor code and violated school rules before you take a test it says i will not give or recieve help i will not open any tabs you dishonor everyone at connexus

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  4. i dont thnk anyone cares tho :v

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