1. Where did the first civilization of India arise? i need help

A. along the Ganges River

B. along the Indus and Sarasvati Rivers ******

C. near the coast of the subcontinent

D. on the central plateau.

2. What did the Indus Valley civilizations use their granaries for?

A. defense bulwarks

B. government offices

C. storing food ********

D. housing travelers

3. How did Chandragupta Maurya react to his fear of his enemies?

A. set up the large network of spies

B. reached out to enemies with peace proposals

C. aggressively attacked most neighboring kingdoms

D. isolated India from all communication from outside

4. Why did multiplication and division become easier during the Gupta empire? A. They were the first to use base-10 numbers.

B. They were the first to understand long division.

C. They created a numeral for zero.

D. They combined Chinese and Greek knowledge.

5. What did Siddartha Gautama do after seeing old age, sickness, death, and finally a holy man in the city streets?

A. vowed to rule his people so that fewer would be sick and face old age and death in poverty

B. shut himself up in the palace and refused to travel outside again

C. took his riches from the palace and gave them to the needy in the city

D. cut his hair traded his robes and became a religious seeker

6. Why is the Bhagavad-Gita important to Hinduism?

A. It contains collected hymns that are important historically.

B. It gives instructions on religious gatherings.

C. It spells out the caste system.

D. It contains ideas about the gods and the nature of the soul.

7. How did the emperor govern in the Gupta empire?

A. through giving citizens freedom and choice

B. through threats and corporal punishment

C. through keeping subjects uneducated and dependent

D. through enriching subjects through trade

8. Which of the following was a result of Asoka’s transformation after the Battle of Kalinga? Select all that apply.

A. increased war with neighbors

B. stone pillars telling of focus on people's well-being

C. Buddhism spreads

D. decreased education for the population

E. loss of respect for ancestral heritage

9. What is moksha?

A. the caste of priests

B. becoming one with Brahman

C. the first set of sacred hymns

D. a teacher in Hinduism

10. What is a main idea of Jainism?

A. the compassion of the Buddha

B. nonviolence to all life

C. silence and stillness during winter

D. knowledge is key to nirvana

11. Where did the Indo-Aryan kingdoms develop by 500 BCE?

A. Indus Valley

B. Ganges Plain

C. the southern coast of South Asia

D. Brahmaputra Plain

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  1. Your first two answers are right.

    If you choose three of the other questions and repost them with your answers, I'll check them.

  2. What’s the answers

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  3. :);) @T

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  4. I see the answers the first two are right but I will do others is you don't squish them all togther

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  5. 1.) B
    2.) C
    3.) A
    4.) C
    5.) D
    6.) D
    7.) A
    8.) B & c
    9.) B
    10.) B
    11.) B

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  6. So no one (the guy above me not nobody) was actually correct

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  7. Wow, thanx N o o n e!!!
    You gave me 100% on my Social Studies(aka History) Pretest!!!
    Thank again!!!
    If you need answers to anything tell me Gwen, what the problem ish

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  8. I got da answers to Math: Multiplying Fractions & Mixed Numbers: Unit 4 Lesson 5
    Go to Google and type "What is 4/5 of 10/13" in the search, click on the first jiskha you see, and scroll the the bottom...
    I gave all da answers in that jiskha page.
    Your Welcome Peepz!! 😊😊😊😊
    I'll help y'all as much as I can!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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  9. Oop Lol meant to send the top thing as Gwen

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  10. thanks, n, o, o,n, e I got 100%

  11. Np guys i like helping :)

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  12. N o o n e made me get a 0

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  13. @answerss Perhaps you are on a different thing not that lesson. Sorry that happened tho :(

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  14. That's why u don't cheat tho

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  15. thx n o o n e got 100%

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