SC State History

Contrast the Up Country and the Low Country. Identify three differences between the two.

So far I have the the Up Country is the north and the Low Country is the south, as well as that the low country (mainly the Southern Colonies) specialize in tobacco as their main cash crop. Help please!

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  1. Please LOTS, and read very carefully; then revise your answer.
    and others --
    and others --

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  2. Thank you! This helped a lot. I also realized that it meant South Carolina. I feel like an now, but sometimes ignorance is not bliss.

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  3. I now have the fact that the Up Country is high in economical business, whereas the Low Country is high in tourism and beaches, but that's really about it. I still need help ;-;

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  4. Three main differences:

    1. geography
    2. types of successful businesses

    Re-read what I sent you, and you should be able to come up with at least one more major difference.

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