Social Studies

Which belief or practice is not shared by Buddhism?


caste system

cycle of life


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  1. And your answer is?

  2. ms. sue you are the least helpful person on here, delete your account.

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  3. ya mrs sue u better sue yourself cause i just roasted u, BUUUUUURRRRRRRRNNNNNN(plus u didn't help at all sorry not sorryXD)

  4. C

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  5. Yall so hard on Ms. Sue lmao. sHe JusT wAnTs YoU tO lEaRn

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  6. Unknown is correct... It's C....
    But, ya.. i agree wit Finn

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  7. @mrs sue dumb i a hater, LOL😋, that's not even a good roast. i would roast you to defend ms.sue but my mom said i can't burn trash.

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  8. stop being dumb guys its c

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  9. The answer is C because it is C because it is.

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  10. I put c and got it wrong

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  11. D.

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  12. C and btw get mrs. Sue a job

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  13. yall are dumb its B

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  14. its b

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