which field of research answers questions about how people lived in different places at different times by focusing on human development and culture?
a. archaeology
b. anthropology*
c. geology
d. history

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  1. I agree.

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  2. thanks for the help:)

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  3. Hey yall! Its me! yes your probs wondering what in the world am i doing here, well i just gotta tell you that i was bored found this and now im just tyoing and i dont know why anyways bye! Love you guys so much! <3

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  4. I didn't get it jenna

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  5. I'm just trying to find the answer sorry

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  6. I think its b

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  7. b
    do on your own
    do on your own
    do on your own at least you will get 90 % and its for science :) your welcome

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  8. Hi! Here are the answers for Unit 2 Lesson 13 Introduction to Geography Unit Test. I promise 100% it is correct. (For 6th grade Connections Academy)

    1. Study the diagram. Drag each term into the correct box.
    A: Layer 1: Core
    Layer 2: Mantle
    Layer 3: Crust

    2. Which of the following is a reason why historians may want to consider opinions as well as facts reported by a source?
    A: The opinions may provide clues to the source's feelings and possible bias.

    3. The water cycle includes
    A: evaporation and precipitation.

    4. How are equal-area projections of Earth inaccurate?
    A: Directions and the shapes of the landmasses are distorted.

    5. What causes earthquakes?
    A: Blocks of crust slide against one another, often at plate boundaries.

    6. If the demand for a good or service increases, how will prices affect supply?
    A: Rising prices will boost supply.

    7. Which of the following climate conditions would best support a tropical rain forest ecosystem?
    A: moist air and hot temperatures

    8. Which is a right that both citizens and non-citizens in the U.S. share?
    A: the right to religious freedom

    9. Hip-hop began as a musical style in the United States decades ago. The Japanese have since developed their own version of hip-hop. This is an example of
    A: cultural diffusion

    10. Which is the difference between a renewable resource and a nonrenewable resource?
    A: A renewable resource can be replaced in the near future, and a nonrenewable resource cannot be replaced for many lifetimes.

    11. Which of these causes of migration is an example of a pull factor?
    A: job availability

    12. How do countries seek to increase economic development?
    A: invest in education and fund capital projects

    13. Which of the following correctly pairs a branch of the U.S. government and its power?
    A: executive: enforces laws

    14. Which of the following is an example of the relationship between culture and geography?
    A: A civilization isolated by mountains develops its own language.

    15. Which field of research answers questions about how people lived in different places and times by focusing on human development and culture?
    A: anthropology

    16. The map shows that the location of 20 degrees south latitude, 20 degrees east longitude, is on the continent of
    A: Africa

    17. Which is one duty of U.S. citizens?
    A: to vote in elections

    18. Which of these is an example of cooperation between cultures?
    A: several official languages

    19. Which is an example of an institution basic to all societies?
    A: government

    20. How do direct and representative democracies differ?
    A: In a direct democracy, people vote on issues themselves.

    For the next three questions, they are examples. DO NOT COPY OR YOU ARE PLAGIARIZING WHAT I WROTE. (Plus, so you won't get in trouble)

    21. What is the role of the government in a mixed economy?
    A: The government in a mixed economy makes some economic decisions. They pass laws so the consumer’s rights are protected. Also, the taxation and spending make services and jobs. As a result, the economic growth is influenced.

    22. How does the tilt of Earth’s axis and its movement around the sun play a part in the changing of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere?
    A: Two factors make seasons. First, the tilt of Earth makes sunlight move north and south of the Equator as the year continues. Second, the orbit affects how much daylight and night time there is. As a result, it makes events like winter and summer solstice.

    23. Describe the major physical and human features of the location where you live, such as the landscape, weather, and population. What theme of geography are you using in your description?
    A: I live in Nacogdoches, Texas, and it is a 300-year-old town in Texas. The population is about 65,290. It has different weathers rainy, sunny, and windy, and the landscape is full of forests and hills. In addition, we use trees to make houses. People move around using cars, and there is a small airport for airplanes to land. Also, goods get here by train. Finally, it is 230.9 mi away from the capital of Texas. I used movement, region, location, interaction, and place when I described where I live.

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  9. Yep thanks

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  10. Yes thanks Abro

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