What could best be inferred from the map?
A. Phoenicia was frequently at war with other empires.
B. Phoenicians traded with peoples in Africa and Europe.
C. The population of Phoenicia and its colonies was larger than that of Greece and its colonies.
D. Greece and its colonies benefitted from a better climate for agriculture.

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  1. Map?? What map???

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Whom do you expect to respond to your plea?

    My suggestion is that you resign yourself to doing your own work. Start by studying your text.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. @Ms.Sue I have done that but I can't remember any of it! I just need the answer to this one question please.

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  4. I have no idea what the map shows. The Phoenicians were great sailors and traveled extensively around the Mediterranean Sea. They established colonies all over, including Carthage in North Africa. That would make B a logical answer.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. I copied this from some guy on brainly called santyborca

    B. Phoenicians traded with people in Africa and Europe.

    From the map, we can infer that option B is correct because the Phoenicians had several colonies throughout the African coast and in what today is Spain and Portugal.

    The other options do not seem coherent with what the map shows so that is why option B is correct.

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  6. i dont know because on the map none of the colors shown on the bottom of the pic says Africa
    they say Phoenicia
    Phoenician colonies
    Greek colones
    honestly i think that it is c
    put i am not sure so plz dont take my word for it

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  8. tbh i did see the map and i think it's kinda a crummy thing to guess at BUT i think it's B because if you look at the part where the Phoenician colonies are, its Africa and around Spain which is Europe.

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  9. lol

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  10. 1.D
    8.The official religion of the Persian empire was Zoroastrianism, whose main belief is the universe is in a struggle between good and evil.
    13.BC| OR C|D
    18.the phoenicians willingness to travel lead to their civilization as sailors traveled farther for trade they established colonies for their homeland some of these colonies became powerful city states phoenicians also spread parts of their culture and economy to the people that they traded with
    19.The Talmud are sacred books for Jews that show everything necessary to begin with Jewish culture.
    20.The idea of monotheism is greatly accepted today and allowed for the many forms of Christianity along with the practice of Judaism and other monotheistic practices
    correct me if I'm wrong

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