Describe the difference between PM2.5 and PM10. Include an explanation as why PM2.5 is more dangerous. (3-4 sentences).

ii. Explain why O3, also called ground level ozone, is a problem. (2-3 sentences).

i. Air quality index values are typically divided into levels. In May 2018, Sydney had at least 11 days when the air quality was rated as ‘poor’ and 6 days with a level of ‘hazardous’ (Ives 2018).
What does an AQI 151 - 200 indicate? Include information on the recommendations that would be made to people living in the area with this AQI. (100 words).
b. What sections of a population are most at risk from air pollution?
c. Describe the main causes of air pollution in Australia (150 words).
(2-3 sentences).

d. The health effects of air pollution come with a significant economic cost. The following table gives the welfare cost of air pollution damage by region, as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Note that GDP is a measure of the value of a country’s economy.

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