Maths-Vectors Help!

Please help confirm if I got this problem correctly;

sol>> 2x3jxi - 2x4jxk
= 6jxi - 8jxk
= 6k - 8i

2) (i-2j)xk
Solutn>> ixk - 2jxk
= -j - 2i

3) (2i-4k)x(ix2j)
solutn>>2ixi Please do help with this ONE

yes, correct.

On the third, break recheck if you typed it right. If the second parenthsis is i x 2j, then the answer is wrong.

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asked by Segun
  1. 4k-4j+8i


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    posted by sarl23
  2. 2ix2j=4k

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    posted by Jawad

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