I also wrote this poem and this is deticated to my life. Does it sound good?

I wish

I wish I could touch the stars
And try to reach the sky
I wish I could go back
Back to the good times
I wish I could see my grandpa
Who is in God's hands
I wish I could see him smile
So he can smile back
I wish I could be 5
Instead of growing old
I wish time would move slow
So I can have fun some more
I wish I could be famous
And support all my fans
I wish the world was at peace
So we can all join hands
I wish I could see my future
And what will I be
I wish I could see what you see
And my greatest wish of all is to be free.

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  1. I personally think that it is very nice.

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  2. Aw... Thank you so, so much I have more poems than that would you like to read them??

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  3. No thank you, I have to get my math done, but thanks for asking!

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  4. No probs you need help with math I'm good at math.

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  5. My problem is the subject under this one. thank you!

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  6. I agree; good poem.

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