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my answer: C // Charles-Louis Montesquieu contributed to the ideals of American government by articulating the concepts of _____________, or the division of authority amongst various branches of government.
social contract
checks and balances
natural rights
separation of powers

my answer: C // The hostility and legal persecution facing English __________led them to seek a new home in what would become Massachusetts, where they could have religious freedom.

my answer: A // The New England colonies were dependent on fishing, trade, and shipping, while the Southern colonies relied on agriculture and the ______________relied on a mix of agriculture and trade.
Middle Colonies
Northern Colonies
Thirteen Colonies
British Colonies

my answer: C // __________________is the economic concept of a colony sending all of its raw materials to the home country while the home country was the sole source of manufactured goods for the colony.

my answer: B // During the exploration and settlement of the New World, ____________________, or businesses wherein stockholders shared both profits and risks, were formed with the sole purpose of colonizing the Americas and obtaining a profit from the resulting raw materials.
joint-stock companies
trading firms
India Companies
international corporations

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  1. Montesquieu - c - no
    persecution - c - yes
    colonies - a - yes
    economic - c - yes
    exploration - b - no

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ms. Sue thank you!!

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