Texas History

Natural Texas and Early People
1. How did the arrival of Spanish explorers affect Native Americans?
A. Spanish exploration brought settlers who pushed native americans north.
B.Native Americans and the Spanish established a practice of trading goods.
C.Warfare and disease killed many Native Americans*MY ANSWER***
D.Native Americans encouraged the Spanish to stay
2.In the beginning,which of the following motivated Spanish exploration of the Americans?

A. The search for gold which remained undiscovered*MY ANSWER***
B.The desire to better understand American nature and wildlife
C.The need to find a place to escape the religious persecution in Spain.
D.The interest in establishing a country with a democratic government.
6.Which of the following chronological listings for eras of Texas history is correct?

A.Civil War Texas,Early Statehood,Era of Reform,the Great Depression
B.Era of Reform, Early Statehood,Civil War Texas,the Great Depression.
C.Great Depression, Civil War Texas,Early Statehood,Era of Reform
D. Early Statehood, Civil War Texas,Era of Reform,Great Depression
7. European culture had a large impact on the native people of Texas. Which era changed the native culture the most?
A.Exploration Era
B.French Colonization
D.Spanish Colonization

10.What prevented the Gulf Coast region from having as much agriculture as Piney Woods?
A.Absence of irrigation**MY ANSWER**
B.Lack of animal life
C.Lack of cultural settlement
D.Repeated flooding

11.Which sixteenth century explorer wrote detailed accounts of the Native American tribes of Texas during seven years of exploration?
A.Alonso Alvarez de Pineda
B.Cabeza de Vaca
C.Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
D.Hernan Cortes

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  1. Please indicate ALL your answers. Then someone here can check them.

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  2. The answer is your History book!
    Good luck get ready for the Despised reading!

    it can help you do many things like figure out question 11!

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  3. Okay.Thanks

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  4. 6 is C and 11 is B

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  5. i need help with question 10 can someone plz help

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  6. What are all the 19 answers though ><_><

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  7. someone plzz give me answers for 9, 17, 18, 19 plzzz

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