Books that promote tolerance include
A.stereotyped characters
B.sexist attitudes
C.male and female
D. racist beliefs.

The one that I pick was A

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  1. I will never put a woman in my book as a lead character, only maids, or bimbos. If fact, they don't even belong in any book except in secondary roles. That includes Jewish and black women.

    Geepers, that promotes Tolerance, doesn't it? Now which answer do you pick?

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  2. Do you have a problem with black women having lead roles because I am black and I am very independent and a leader

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  3. What Bobpursley is trying to get you to do is think -- which of those answers is NOT a negative? Diversity and tolerance are positives, and a negative answer will not work.

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  4. Brenna: I was too subtle. The answer is C, diversity includes male and female. I was role modeling answers a, b, and d. They are not diversity.

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  5. Thanks for clearing that up.I appoligize if there was any misunderstanding.

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  6. Brenna, one of the tricks to answering multiple-choice question/answer set-ups is to see if three of the four (or four of the five) possible answers have commonalities. Usually they will, or maybe two or three will, and then you'll have two to actually choose from. Be sure to practice "process of elimination" in answering these if the right answer doesn't just jump right out at you.

    Here are some websites that can help you deal with these types of questions, too:

    Multiple Choice Tests Techniques and strategies for taking multiple choice tests. ... Read through the test quickly and answer the easiest questions first ...

    Study Skills - Test Taking: Strategies for Answering Multiple ... Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions. Determine what the question is asking by identifying key words in the stem. ...
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips. Tips on answering multiple choice questions. Read the question before you look at the answer. Come up with the answer in ...

    CLEP: Strategies For Answering Multiple-Choice Questions Find strategies for answering CLEP multiple-choice questions at collegeboard.com.

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