social studies

1. Drag and drop the sentences into the correct boxes.

A person moves from Canada to the United States to attend college.-- immigration

A person moves from Southern Canada to Northern Canada for a job.---Interior Migration

A person moves from England to Canada to get married.--immigration

A person moves from Ontario to Quebec to start a business. ----Interior Migration

Interior Migration


2. Which of the following events affected both the United States and Canada? Select all that apply.

the Great Depression------

the War of 1812

the Civil War------

the Ratification of the United States Constitution-------

the passage of the Quebec Act

3. Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence.

The most common type of jobs in both the United States and Canada are in

A. fishing and agriculture
B. Service industries
C. educational fields-----
D. non-profit organizations

4. Which of the following accurately describes the impact the triangular trade had on Africans?

Africans were brought to the British colonies as slaves in large numbers.----

The British government abolished slavery in their Canadian colonies.

West African nations forbade the British entering their land because of their attempts to gain natural resources.

D.The British governments used Africans as sailors because of their navigational expertise

5. Which of the following best illustrates Canada's recent immigration policies?

Canada has admitted the highest number of immigrants to their country.

Canada has passed the strictest immigration policies in their history. --------

Canada has increased the number of years before an immigrant can become a citizen.

Canada has eliminated all immigration laws.

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  1. Ms.Sue may you please check my answers, i am doing a mom said if i get all five of these right we can go to a water park, please check my answers ms.Sue

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    posted by damario
  2. 1, yes - all right is wrong.
    3. no
    4. yes
    5. I don't know. Check your text.

  3. 2 is the battle of 1812
    3 is service industries

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